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10 Outdoor Advertising Facts

1. Outdoor advertising has the lowest cost per thousand OOH has a lower cost per thousand than any other type of advertising. Outdoor advertising costs 80% less than television or newspaper ads, and 50% less than radio ads. 2. Outdoor advertising is noticed more Over 8 in 10 (82%) of billboard viewers look at the advertising […]

Love is in the air… literally

Wedding season is fast approaching but it isn’t too late to pop the question. Check out these proposals that were posted for world to see using billboards! On second thought… Billboards aren’t just for outdoor advertising campaigns and marriage proposals — make your personal message larger than life if you really want to get your […]

Sports Take On Out-of-Home Advertising

Sports teams, players, fans, and communities are stepping outside of the arena, stadium, field, and court into out-of-home advertising. Using outdoor ads, teams and fans are recruiting, persuading and attempting to maintain players and home-town teams.

Traditional Out-of-Home Advertising; The Creative Edition

From less-is-more to more-is-more, these traditional out-of-home media campaigns (bulletins, wallscapes, and murals) used effective copy and scale to deliver a message worthy of just about everyones attention.

Consumer Wait Time Becomes An Advertising Opportunity

Patients typically wait an average of 17 minutes in the physician’s reception area before moving to an exam room and 94% of patients go to the drugstore within a few hours of leaving the doctor’s. Knowing this, advertisers have jumped at the chance to reach consumers in doctor’s offices.
Grocery stores were among the first retail establishments to recognize the benefits of digital signage. Digital advertising displays can now be found in grocery aisles, check out lines and various must-pass locations throughout the store. Advertisers also have the option to advertise using ad sticks, floor graphics, grocery carts, conveyor belts and a variety of additional options within grocery stores. These methods are great ways to turn an unpleasant task, such as waiting in line at a grocery store, into an entertaining and informative experience.
Billboards have always been a great way to reach motorists. As advertisers are fighting to reach this captive audience, more creative ways to advertise during rush hour are gaining ground. One of the early additions to travel media was aerial advertising, which was traditionally used to fly banners over beaches in the summertime and during high profile events (check out our previous blog: Tiger Drives Aerial Advertising Awareness At Masters). Aerial banners are now used to capture the attention of drivers and passengers during heavy traffic.
Another way to gain the attention of motorists is through bus and transit advertising. Seeing as how this media is not overly new to the advertising world, advertisers are getting more and more creative with their messages and out-of-the-box production concepts.

Out-of-Home Billboards, Wallscapes and Murals Beckon LeBron, D. Wade, As NBA Free Agency Begins

The NBA free agency period began at 12:01 am today, but billboards in major markets like Chicago, Miami and New York City have been pleading for superstars Lebron James and Dwyane Wade to land on their respective home teams for several weeks. Taking a cue from the recent trend of billboards criticizing NFL coaches and management, and perhaps at the urging of local radio sports personalities, fans have been buying up expensive space to make their case. Back in early June, a billboard sponsored by the fan website went up in downtown Chicago. Showcasing the six championships won during the Michael Jordan era certainly holds proof of the Bulls’ storied history, but the hardware might be a little intimidating. Does Lebron really want to play in the shadow of MJ for the next few years? What if he doesn’t win a ring in Chi-town? It would be considered a colossal disappointment and the only thing we would witness would be a tarnished LBJ legacy. I’m also not sure that young hometown phenom Derek Rose is willing to be Scottie Pippen next to Lebron’s version of number 23. Ok, maybe I’m being a little bit of a homer because everyone here in Columbus, Ohio and throughout the state want King James to stay put in Cleveland. Meanwhile down in Miami, the Heat bought themselves a billboard as part of its PR effort to keep Dwyane Wade in Dade…err, Wade County.

IF DWade does re-sign with the Heat, the team plans on having him sign this billboard made out to look like a check. Wade is looking at his options though. He is a Chicago native and rumors have swirled that both James and Wade could end up as Bulls. If that happens, the aforementioned Chicago billboard can definitely add a few more trophies to the creative copy. Just recently, hip-hop mogul Jay-Z and Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov appeared on a mega-billboard a few steps away from Madison Square Garden in New York, home of the New York Knicks who have been aggressively pursuing James. Prokhorov is the main owner of the New Jersey Nets and Jay-Z is a minority owner. The Nets (who play in Newark, New Jersey) are also after Lebron and the NYC-based billboard was a stinging salvo served to Knicks owner James Dolan, who is reportedly not too pleased with the advertisement. Turf wars, creative public relations and sentiments from fans…..all unleashed through outdoor advertising.

Out-of-Home Advertising: Perceptions Versus Reality

Out of Home Media is divided into two segments, traditional and non-traditional media. Traditional OOH media includes the more standard advertising you see from day-to-day like billboard advertising, transit advertising, cinema advertising and mall advertising. Non-traditional outdoor advertising is the out-of-the-box advertising that is often tailored to reach each company’s target market in a unique way. These innovative OOH media techniques can include the use of segway ads, street teams, projection ads, mobile billboard ads, sidewalk decals, sidewalk chalking and yes even restroom stall advertisements. However, like every other industry, out-of-home advertising is subject to regulation. For example, in the United States- Alaska, Hawaii, Maine and Vermont have banned the use of outdoor billboards statewide. Bulletins and posters are zoned out in select cities across the US as well. (Don’t worry, the media department staff here at Matrix Media Services are experts on zoning issues.)

Eco Friendly Posters Clean Up Out-Of-Home Advertising

Reducing our collective carbon footprint is currently a top concern. Individual efficiency has now leaked into the work place and many companies are attempting to do their part to rid of excess waste. One place where this is clearly evident is in the out-of-home advertising industry. Traditionally billboards include bulletins and 30-sheet posters. Bulletins, affixed with vinyl in order to brave the elements during inclement weather and normal wear and tear during long-term contracts, are wrapped around the structure itself. The 30-sheet posters were literally paneled with multiple sheets of paper inside an existing frame. The paper used for posters was not intended to last for extended periods of time and involved time-consuming labor to post each sheet. In an effort to reduce this posting time as well as lessen the wastefulness of the paper poster, the out-of-home industry came up with a recyclable material for poster units.

Mobile Billboard Advertising Goes Experiential

The growing mobility of today’s world is no secret and the geniuses in the out-of-home industry certainly aren’t treating it as one. These clever industry leaders took billboards one step further when they created mobile billboards, but they’ve since pushed the boundaries in creating, drum-roll-please… Experiential Mobile Advertising!

2010 OBIE Awards, The Best of Out-Of-Home

The 2010 OBIE Award winners were hosted in Phoenix, AZ by Steffan Postaer. Two of the winners are featured here; Chick-fil-A, The Richards Group and Chemical Bank, Gravity Six. The OBIE Awards are the oldest and most well known creative design awards. The winners of the OBIE Award are agencies that have produced outdoor/out-of-home advertising campaigns that go above and beyond the norm. Among the 2010 OBIE Award nominees, who caught your eye?