Airport Advertising Explained

Airport advertising has many points of contact; as passengers enter the airport, at the ticket counter, as they wait at the security check point, along the concourses, at the gate waiting areas, inside the jet bridges as they board the aircraft and baggage claim. Placement in an airport ensures that an advertising message is in high traffic areas to provide the most exposure possible.

Airport advertising serves as a great way to reach a wide variety of individuals across various demographics, from traveling families to business people. On average, travelers spend two hours in the airport prior to departure; this ample time to capturing the traveler’s attention. Airport advertising is not only offered nationally but also worldwide. (Airport advertising is not limited to the media options shown below, contact us for additional in airport options, as well as in-flight ads.)

Advertising Options in Airports

Airport Dioramas: Dioramas are the most widely used form of airport advertising. These displays are well illuminated, framed and mounted at eye level. They can be placed in many different key areas of the airport focusing on high traffic areas with increased dwell times.

In-Flight Ads: Tray tables, cups and napkins and overhead storage compartments. In your face, tray table advertising offers a large surface for your message in front of a captive audience. Have your message handed to them, literally, with cup and/or napkin advertising. Similar to bus advertising, you can also display your message on the overhead storage compartments.

Security Bags and Flip Flops: Now that all passengers are required to put their toiletries in plastic bags, security bags and flip flops are both functional and re-usable. Standees dispense the security bags and flip-flops and are located at every security checkpoint in the airport.

Airport Security Bins: Security bins cannot be avoided, as everyone must go through security before boarding. Most effective at targeting frequent fliers. The average traveler uses at least two trays.

Airport Baggage Carousel Wraps: Baggage claim ads are eye-catching because they create a moving visual to the captive audience.

Lounge Advertising: There are also many different digital ads available in the airport, one option being within lounge areas. Digital screens and backlit dioramas are two of the more commonly used types of media. Airport lounge areas often target high profile, frequent travelers.

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