Food Court Advertising

Food Court Advertising

Food court advertising is typical of mall food courts. Targeting shoppers while they take a break to grab a bite to eat is a great way to reach them before the point of purchase.

Food Court Table Tent Ads

Table tents are double-sided paper ads that are commonly placed on tables in mall food courts, in college campus venues like dining halls, student unions, and other student facilities, and in other retail or dining environments. Typically, table tents are used to supplement other mall, campus or retail media. However, table tents are an effective medium on their own, since the placement of table tents positions the ad message directly in front of people while they eat, study and/or socialize. The same creative can be printed on both sides of the table tents or two separate ad messages can be printed on separate sides. Table tents are available in many sizes, but an average table tent size is 9″ high by 4″ wide.

Food Court Table Top Graphics

Tabletop graphics are 4-color ads that cover the entire tabletop or a portion of the tabletop at mall food courts, bars and restaurants. A great advantage of tabletop graphics is the extended dwell time. People spend an average of 15 minutes to 1 hour eating and lingering at a table in a food court, bar or restaurant, and because of the extended dwell time, the ad message on tabletop graphics can be much longer and more detailed than more traditional advertisements. Tabletop graphics that direct shoppers or patrons to nearby stores provide value to any retail or brand campaign, and tabletop graphics are especially engaging when the entire ad covers the entire tabletop and/or when many or all tabletops are contracted. Additionally, call-to-action ad messages that include URLs, phone numbers, text messages are particularly effective, since people who sit with an advertisement for a prolonged period of time are more apt to respond.

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