Large Format Printers

Large format printers are essential to the outdoor advertising process. We specialize in large format print production. We handle everything from one-off banners to nationwide bulletin and poster campaigns. No job is too big or too small.

Advantages of our large format printers:

  • Personal service, no automated or generic order forms
  • Expertise in industry changes & technological advancements
  • Competitive pricing
  • Easy artwork uploading process (FTP)
  • Electronic proofing
  • Meeting deadlines with no rush fees
  • Guaranteed on-time shipping
  • Ship and arrival notifications
  • 100% quality guarantee


Design tips for large format digital displays:


Small details of your creative are not capable of being translated to digital displays. Using simple images, without clutter is best. Also, making images as large as possible will help your design appear more fluid to the eye of the consumer. If possible, always use professional photos. The higher quality will make a huge impact on your creative.

Keep It Simple

As with traditional billboards, digital display ads need to be read and understood quickly. Stick to one idea and make it a simple, bold statement. A simple ad will have greater retention than an ad with extensive copy.

Legible Text

Be sure the font you use is legible. While elaborate fonts are great from a visual standpoint, using them in outdoor doesn’t always lend to effective comprehension of your message. Stick to simple, bold fonts. Also, keep your font size above 15pt to allow consumers the chance to actually read your content.

Avoid White Backgrounds

Due to the technology used to create 100% white on digital displays, pure white backgrounds should be avoided. Using a true white on a digital unit often dulls your creative. Also, take into consideration the change in daylight. Dark backgrounds look best during the day, while lighter backgrounds look great at night. A benefit of digital advertising is the option to change your creative at no additional cost. Why not take full advantage and change your creative frequently.

Effective Color & Contrast

Digital displays allow for a broader color spectrum, which means there are even more design options to take advantage of. The contrast of your digital display is essential in viewing from a distance.

color contrast chart