Mall Marketing Media, Mall Advertising

Mall Marketing Media, Mall Advertising

Mall marketing media is a great way to reach consumers in a purchasing state of mind. Often the last ad opportunity before the point of purchase, mall marketing media includes versatile display options. With varying scale and cost, there are mall marketing options to fit any campaign.

Mall marketing media using kiosks reach shoppers in high traffic areas

Kiosks or mallscapes are a primary form of mall marketing media. Kiosks are ad panels located in high traffic areas such as; entrances, anchor stores, escalators and food courts, to ensure maximum frequency. Backlighting enhances visibility, which in turn improves awareness. Kiosks are used for a multitude of campaigns; promotional, directional, holiday, etc., a perfect medium for any advertiser. The average shopper has 3+ visits per month, 80% spend $65 per visit and on average devote around 80 minutes each visit. This eye level advertisement offers a face-to-face impact with consumers who are in the buying mood and at the point of purchase.

Mall Marketing Media

Mall advertising using poster is a great eye-level option in peak areas

Mall advertising utilizing posters are usually 6′ H x 4′ W displays located at eye level in high traffic areas of the mall. This form of mall advertising is available in most malls in major metropolitan areas. Catch your consumer when they are engaged with advertising and willing to act on impulse. In most communities the mall is the single most visited public place, drawing billions of visitors daily. Shopping malls have become more than just a place to shop, but also a place to come together and socialize, attracting a wide variety of people. 94% of the adult population in the U.S. visit a shopping center every month and send on average $100 per visit. Mall posters are a great way to catch the attention of these mall goers.

Mall Ads Poster

Diorama mall advertising dominates large, open areas of the mall

Dioramas or Sky Murals are unique mall advertising options that dominate a section of the mall, unusually within an atrium or between the first and second floors. Dioramas are double sided and visible from all levels because of the uninterrupted sight lines. The sky murals are strategically placed and with their large scale, they emphasize exposure. 70% of all retail expenditures occur in malls. According to Arbitron, 54% of people were more likely to consider using or purchasing the brand and 51% were interested in learning more about the product. With 65% of shoppers being women and the average age being 37, sky murals and dioramas are a great way to reach a specific group of consumers who are already in the mindset to buy.

Mall Ads Sky Mural

LCD panels provide rotating content to catch consumer attention

Mall LCD Panels are digital screens placed in traffic areas throughout the retail center. The digital screens hold various advertisers and content, which constantly changes to create movement and draw attention to the advertising message. The screens are located at eye level to maximize exposure. The content on the LCD Panels between the ads include specials running inside the mall. The content engages consumers to stop and watch the digital screens to checkout deals. This digital advertising network makes it easy for advertisers to change their message periodically to give updates on their brand.

Digital mall display ads are great for promo clips

Digital Mall Displays televise 15-second and 30-second full-motion, audio ads in malls and lifestyle centers across the country. Digital Mall Displays are comparable to standard mall kiosks or mall directories in size, as ads are displayed 65″ digital screens and in similar locations since both displays are placed in high-traffic common areas of a mall. Digital Mall Displays are ideal for targeting women, teenagers, and young adults. This media is outstanding branding tool to stimulate and influence shoppers when they’re spending money and time in prime retail environments. Also, call-to-action messages and line-of-sight placement are effective techniques when utilizing digital mall displays. The content loop of digital mall displays is not solely advertising, which limits the total number of advertisers allowed. Sales, special events, and general information are also incorporated into the content loop. This works to an advertiser’s benefit since the total ad space is not overloaded.