Media Planning Software

media planning software

Media planning software for media planners, built by media planners. After years of continuous development and careful refinements, we are finally going public with our best-kept secret to date. We would like to officially introduce to you our media planning software, the Out-of-Home Media Planner.

Our media planning software is a proprietary online media planning software system we custom built to meet and exceed the needs of our clients.  This web-based application allows clients to access and review an entire proposal or campaign from a single web link regardless of campaign size or intricacies.  All markets and all media within those markets – billboards, transit, mall advertising, gas station media, mobile billboards, digital place-based media, etc., pertaining to any given proposal or campaign are view-able with the same URL.

Our media planning software began with the intention to find a way to provide superior mapping capabilities to our clients.  This initial idea evolved into our custom online media planning software.  The Out-of-Home Media Planner allows our clients to better manage their proposals and campaigns. Instead of multiple documents with varying formats, we provide a cohesive and organized package accessed by a single web link.

Interactive Media Planning Software

One of the greatest benefits of our media planner is it not only provides a cohesive view of a proposal or campaign, by providing all documents regarding location information, costs, a map and photo sheets in one place, but it is also interactive allowing for a more customized media plan.

  • Multiple markets and media can be viewed simultaneously with the functionality to filter to a specific market, sub-market and specific media type.
  • On our map clients can click on any icon for a general location or media overview.  If it’s a specific media location, location information (location description, size, illumination, etc.) and a photo will pop up. If it’s an icon noting a specific target, the pertinent location information (store name, address) will show.
  • If location or cost information needs to be adjusted for internal planning or presentation purposes, then it can be exported to Excel.  This provides media buyers and agencies with complete control over the media planning information present to clients.

Superior Mapping Functionality

The concept of the media planning software started with the objective of enhancing our mapping capabilities. Our focus was to provide our clients with all the mapping enhancements we could imagine.  Our program provides all standard mapping functions along with enhancements meant to further ease the process for our clients by creative a visually detailed plan of all proposed (and then contracted) outdoor media.

  • Zoom in and out to view from street level to DMA, region, state, and country levels.
  • Switch to street level view to see the actual location-based media as it is located on the street.
  • View media in relation to specified targets (stores, zip codes, etc.).
  • Radius circles around a target location can be added to the map to show media within a specified distance of a target market or location.
  • As the proposal or campaign is filtered by market or media, the map will adjust to only reflect the filtered market and media. If included, the client target icons will always show.

Custom Outdoor Media Planning

We fully customize each proposal or campaign link to meet the specifications of our clients.

  • Proposals and campaigns can be tailored to include any media variable information required.   For example, Eyes On Impressions (EOIs), total impressions, distance from the media location to a specified target address, ridership figures for transit systems, minimum contract terms, and more.
  • Radius circles around a target location can be added to show media within a specified distance.
  • We have the ability to upload any associated documents to be included with a given proposal or campaign, which are then downloadable within the final web link.  (Route maps for transit systems, art and material specifications for production, production timelines, misc. market and media information, and more)
  • We can even add an agency’s logo to the media planning proposal, so that it can be forwarded directly to advertisers if desired.

These are just some of the key features and functions of our media planning software. If you want to see what our media planning software can do for your planning and buying, we are more than happy to put a proposal or campaign together for you.  We can even send you a link to a sample proposal. We also have a quick Q&A of commonly asked questions on this media buying software page.

If you would like to take a guided tour of our Out-of-Home Media Planner, please contact us by phone, email or fill out an online request.