On Screen Advertising

On Screen Advertising

On screen advertising includes static slides or digital commercials that appear before the movie previews. On-screen cinema ads are a cost effective way of hitting a large percentage of the 18 to 49 educated demographic, and a great way to reach a captive audience. This movie theater advertising option is excellent for local and regional advertising.

Digital on screen advertising now widely available

On screen advertising usually begins anywhere from 15-30 minutes before the movie show time. Digital ads allow for movement and animation, where analog slides are still slides. Most theaters in major markets have transitioned to digital on-screen ads.

Cinema screen advertising delivers the advertisers message on a 40 foot screen without any outside distractions. Ads are able to reach a wide variety of ages, decision makers and social groups in a relaxed atmosphere where consumers are more receptive and likely to recall advertising messages. Insertion dates vary by cinema.


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