Who We Are

Hey there, we’re glad you found us! Congratulations are in order because you just discovered an invaluable partner. As outdoor advertising experts, we are dedicated to servicing every single outdoor advertising need you can imagine. Go ahead, pat yourself on the back.

Time and time again we find clients and prospective clients don't quite understand exactly how we are able to make such a difference in their outdoor campaigns. We sat down and compiled a short video that explains who we are, what it is that we do, and why we are the smarter way to purchase OOH. Go ahead, take a few minutes to change the way you buy out-of-home media.

Outdoor Advertising Experts

A smarter way to purchase out-of-home media.

Here at Matrix Media Services, we specialize in providing outdoor advertising and out-of-home media options. We partner with advertising agencies, in-house marketing departments, small businesses, public relations firms, non-profit organizations and private citizens to help them achieve their marketing goals through outdoor advertising. We are a constantly evolving media planning and placement agency, always striving for innovation in order to give our clients an edge. Our house was built by traditional out-of-home media like billboards, transit advertising, mall displays, and airport ads. It was then enhanced by a digital media division and refreshed with social media. We were delving into non-traditional and alternative outdoor before most marketers were aware of advertising on coffee sleeves, dry cleaner bags or gas pump toppers. Oh, and as far as digital-out-of-home media, we were analyzing and preparing that fledgling sector of the industry before DOOH became the buzz-worthy acronym of choice.

Experience Matters

We're not considered outdoor advertising experts for no reason. Our team of experienced consultants, planners and buyers consolidate and analyze the myriad of available outdoor advertising units and out-of-home media options in each and every market to deliver customized campaigns. With over 125 years of combined experience in the out-of-home media industry, we are able to educate our clients on the advantages and intricacies of different types of outdoor advertising – from traditional to experiential to location-based proximity marketing.

We’re an organization of hybrids. It’s in our nature to multitask with effortless efficiency and switch-gears like a smooth Italian sports car. We like the challenges that come with meeting a client budget, auditing a vendor for proof-of-performance and turning around a proposal with an extremely tight deadline. Jugglers and multiple hat-wearers we are. But we’re also community organizers, charity contributors, volunteers, parents, animal lovers and sports fans. We work well together and we respect each other. We love our clients and we want to see them succeed.

Outdoor Advertising Experts mean Campaign Success

Because of our industry knowledge and relationships, our buying power, our technology and our ability to save our clients an immense amount of precious time, money and resources, we are uniquely positioned to help you create successful outdoor advertising campaigns. Let us be your navigator on the next project that demands results. We're going to help you win.

We are the outdoor advertising experts, the team that helps you make the best decisions. Let’s connect and work together.

Let’s connect and work together!

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