Ferry Ads

Ferry ads are placed within the interior and exterior of a Ferry. Ferry’s are a form of transportation usually a boat sometimes a ship used to carry passengers across a body of water. Most operate on a regular or frequent route, opening up the opportunities to reach repeat travelers to and from their commute.

Ferry ads enhance campaigns targeting island commuters

Ferries are a part of the public transportation system of many waterside cities and islands. This form of transit advertising can help you narrow your focus to those common to this form of transportation, allowing direct transit between points. There are many different types of Ferry advertising, including but not limited to: wrapped ferries, 1 & 2 sheet posters, backlit panels, passenger cabin wall ads, floor square ads and auto barn wall ads. If you are looking to reach travelers at the ferry station there are many opportunities connecting you to each vessel, route and terminal location; including terminal wall ads, vessel door wraps, vessel custom wall ads, posters and more.


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