Truck Stop Advertising

Truck stop advertising targets truck driving professionals.

Truck stop advertising is a great way to reach the truck driving professional. With trucker friendly rest areas at key points along the interstate, drivers rely on these locations for food, entertainment, fuel and even showers.

truck stop advertising

Truck stop advertising includes static ads

Similar to travel plaza ads, availability of ad types vary by location and include options such as gas pump toppers, call center ads, digital display ads, poster signage, and restroom signage. Reach truck drivers and frequent road-trippers while they stop to eat, rest, and refresh. Truck stop ads are a great way to advertise your message or product in an uncluttered and distraction-free environment. Perfect for driver recruitment or truck parts messages, gas pump topper and restroom signage targets your audience in an uncluttered and distraction-free environment. Additionally, call center ads can put them in direct contact with you, through an easy-to-use button programmed with your provided phone number.

Digital display advertising options targeting truck drivers

Truck Stop Digital Displays are a great way to target truck drivers and consumers on the go. The digital screens are located in high traffic and high dwell time areas of the truck stops. Typically these locations would include at the point of purchase and near the coffee/fountain drink areas. This on-the-go marketing opportunity allows consumers to interact with your brand while they are trying to decide what to buy. Most purchases at truck stops are determined after they enter the store. With truck drivers spending a majority of the time on the road they seldom get to stop, but when they do your message will be right in front of them. With digital an advertiser can customize their message by location or time of day.

Truck stop advertising with gas pump ads

Truck Stop Pump Topper advertising is placed on top of gas pumps at participating truck stop gas stations to reach the consumer while pumping gas when consumers are open to advertising messaging during their wait. In most cases, advertisers receive ads on all pumps within a single station, allowing for your brand to dominate the selected location. Gas pump toppers come in two varieties: static ads placed in frames and digital screens with advertising spots or slides interspersed between pre-recorded content meant to entertain and inform the viewer. Gas pump toppers have high dwell time with truck drivers and frequent road-trippers, making it a cost effective way to cut through the daily advertising clutter.

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truck stop advertising
truck stop advertising
truck stop advertising
truck stop advertising