Taxi Ads

Taxi Ads

Taxi ads are most often placed on a designated 2- or 3-sided display on top of taxi cabs. In recent years, digital advertising available on in-cab screens has also become available. Exterior taxi ads target both taxi patrons and surrounding car and pedestrian traffic alike.

Taxi ads provide exposure to the masses

Taxi cabs in large cities most often congregate in high-traffic areas and events waiting for patrons, giving you maximum exposure to the masses. Typically backlit, taxi-top displays often serve as a 24-hour mobile advertising display reaching local, business, and tourist audiences traveling to and from events, nightlife attractions, hotels, convention centers, airports, sporting events, etc. Many markets also offer customized taxi-top displays using extensions, lenticular print, trunk wraps, door wraps, or even full-car wraps to display your message.



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