New Transit Advertising Sends Secret Audio Messages to Passengers

New Transit Advertising Sends Secret Audio Messages to Passengers

We’ve talked about ads that change based on your height, gender, and even the colors of your outfit but this next media innovation is even more out of the box.

Transit advertising talking windows use high frequency device

Transit advertising has typically consisted of posters, interior cards and audio spots. Taking transit and bus advertising a step further passengers are now targeted through audio messaging as they rest their head against the window. The technology uses high frequency sounds that can only be heard by the passenger whose head is resting on a window that’s equipped with an attached audio device.

Below is a commercial showing Sky Go as the advertiser. When passengers lean their head against the window they are prompted to download the Sky Go app if they’re bored.

Dubbed the talking window this media form has yet to be utilized in a campaign. It is unclear whether this technology will evolve through advertising or be utilized as an entertainment tech.

Don’t worry, this has yet to be tested in the U.S. But, what do you think of this method of transit advertising? Do you think it’s intrusive, a nuisance or a revolutionary idea in outdoor advertising?